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GHC Funding's Multifamily Financing Solutions

GHC Funding stands out as a leading provider of multifamily financing, offering a range of attractive options for apartment owners nationwide. Our commitment to excellence is evident through competitive interest rates, diverse loan structures, high loan-to-values, and a non-recourse guaranty structure. Explore our offerings, including fixed and floating rate options, suitable for various multifamily property types such as affordable housing, senior independent living, student housing, cooperative housing, traditional market rate apartments, and manufactured housing.

GHC Funding Multifamily Programs

Standard DUS Mortgage:

Ideal for the purchase or refinance of existing, stabilized properties with 5+ units, requiring a minimum loan amount of $5 million ($7 million in eligible markets*).

Small Loan Program:

Tailored for the purchase or refinance of existing, stabilized properties with 5-50 units and loan amounts ranging from $750,000 to $5 million ($7 million in eligible markets*).

*Eligible markets include Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Washington D.C.

General Loan Features

- Eligible Properties:

- Market-Rate (Conventional) Apartments

- Affordable Housing

- Senior Housing

- Student Housing

- Manufactured Housing

- Cooperative Housing (in specific cities)

- Loan Terms:

- 5-30 years (fixed-rate), 7 years (adjustable rate)

- Amortization:

- Up to 30 years

- Max LTV:

- 55% (Tier 4), 65% (Tier 3), 75-80% (Tier 2)

- Min DSCR:

- 1.55x (Tier 4), 1.35x (Tier 3), 1.25x (Tier 2)

- Recourse:

- Usually non-recourse except for "bad boy" carve-outs

Loan Pricing Considerations

- Discounts for affordable rents, primary MSAs, loan amounts above $2 million, and 5-50 unit properties.

- Premiums for properties in tertiary markets.

- Rate discounts or additional proceeds for "Green" properties.

Current GHC Funding Multifamily Interest Rates (Sample)

- 5 Years Fixed Rate:

- 5.34% - 5.38%

- 7 Years Adjustable Rate:

- 4.98% - 5.02%

- 10 Years Fixed Rate:

- 5.79% - 5.83%

- 15 Years Fixed Rate:

- 5.10% - 5.14%

- 30 Years Fixed Rate:

- 5.50% - 5.54%

Getting a GHC Funding Multifamily Quote

To obtain a GHC Funding rate quote and initiate the application process, submit documents like Trailing 12 Month Operating Statement, Current Rent Roll, Property Photos, Personal Financial Statement, and Real Estate Resume.

Pre-Closing/Due Diligence

GHC Funding's process is akin to CMBS and Freddie Mac, involving pooling, securitizing, and selling mortgages to investors. While requiring comprehensive due diligence, the process ensures a smooth closing within 45-60 days.

GHC Funding Multifamily Loan Documentation

Explore our core loan documents, miscellaneous loan documents, loan agreement schedules, and special instruments tailored to property types.

GHC Funding Tips

- Ask questions and seek clarity throughout the process.

- Disclose potential credit issues upfront.

- Distinguish one-time expenses in operating statements.

- Recognize that negotiation on loan documents is limited.

- Expedite due diligence to mitigate interest rate risks.

Choosing GHC Funding ensures a reliable partner for your multifamily financing needs, backed by competitive rates and a commitment to a seamless process.


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